Monday, November 27, 2006


Do you guys know what is PRIVACY?
Everyones need it..

I feel like i've been fooled.
All the thing that i tell a person, i thought is suppose to be SECRET.
But now it..... someone had knew about it...
I've been fooled !

Is it rude to check ppl mail? Is it rude to listen while ppl talking on the phone?

I treat u as a friend, but do u did the same as me?

I just....... I just keep thinking that i've been fooled !

People no respect me at all !
Nobody likes me !
Thats hurt me alot.......

I dont know what to do...
I dont know what to say...
Felt so... so hurt.. u know??

Who u treat me as? a toy?
I have feelings. You just dun care.

I'm so so so so so so regret !!!!

I'm speechless !

Chee Hsien.

2 burger(s):

hA'o Ha'O said...

who treated u like tat ?
impossible is me rite ?

' ' 'Hsien' ' ' said...

not u lar..
dun worry...