Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Waseh !

Waseh.. 1st word I have to say is Waseh.. 2nd words is Walao eh ! I just came back from MPSP (Majlis Perbandaraan Seberang Perai) at Bandar Perda. Reach there at 10.20 and my number was 9201. The current number was only 9101. I was like : O__O 100 more to go, don't know what time I can reach home cause I need to fetch my cousin at 1pm later. But compare to yesterday is better. Yesterday I get 9755 and I need to wait about 200 people and is 4pm, so I decided to give away my number to some people and I went home. After 30 minute wait, one samaritan give me his number and his number was 9143, 10 to go. Yesterday I help people and today people help me. Muahahaha.... You see, 30 minute they only serve 30 people, 200 people need to wait how long?

Is still Chinese New Year, this year Chinese New Year I get much more ang pow then last year, but we all don't have the mood for this year CNY. I don't know why, the road seem so quiet. Gambling is a "must" during CNY celebration. There's always win and lose and even draw. Is just about luck. This year I lose a bit, win a bit, finally I also don't know my total is lose or win. Hahaha... Anyway we just play for fun and just once a year. As long as we happy. One thing, if you gambling with Shelin, you will laugh even if you lose all your money! Hahaha...

I missed the Penang Blogger Meet that organize by Logicyuan. U guys seems so happy a there. I wish I can join you. Next meet can organize at night? It don't seem like I can make it at Sunday morning. I heard 5xmom is giving away ang pow that day. Penang blogger organize another meet for hiking at monkey beach this Sunday. I think I will miss again. So sad.

Just a short one for today. Busy this few days, so don't have the time to update my blog.

Chee Hsien

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