Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just An Another Ordinary Day

I wonder what people did on their holiday. When I was studying in college, the word "holiday" keep flying through my mind. But I don't know what should I do on holiday. I was thinking about washing and vacuum my car but I haven't start it. I think I'll have to do it next Monday, surely before CNY. Lots of thing flying in my mind, but I'm not taking any action. Next week I'll have to complete it. Cleaning my car, doing housework, oh man, I hate doing housework. No choice. Whatever, I going to finish it in one day, yeah I mean ONE(1) day. Is that possible? Nothing is blocking my way! I believe in myself all the time. If I said I can, I 100% can. Let's leave this aside, I might postpone to some other days. =D

Tomorrow going to Queensbay Mall and I don't know how many cloth will I buy. Some shop still haven't got the line for credit cards payment that mean will have to prepare cash. Whoah... Dangerous man! Anyone wanna be my body guard? Queensbay Mall sure not enough for me, will have to go Prangin Mall, Gurney Plaza, Island Plaza and Megamall maybe. Well, I have to learn some Time Management Skills. Muahahaha....

On the other hand, don't know why my car number plat can broken. Weird!

Censored my number

Need to make a new number plat. Everything is fine but not the number plat. Hmmm... Anyone got any idea?

There's been a lot of mosquito flying around this room. 11 of them were killed by me.

1, 2, 3.... counting.

Hahaha.. I'm a killer, catch me if you can. Just pass another day by killing those mosquito. Need to have a frog here. Wait, I spotted two still flying around me, gonna kill them. Chaow...

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