Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ouch... One day passed again.

Tick tock... tick tock... tick tock... The clock is ticking and I'm here blogging. One day is gone and I haven't done my cleaning. Muahaha... Same as yesterday, I didn't touch the vacuum cleaner and the water poles. Still haven't bath my car and also haven't clean it's brain and stomach. My car is my wife, I go everywhere with her but I can't made her look nicer. I don't know what happen to her, she can't wake up as I plug in the key and try to wake her up! Oh man, she just won't wake up! By that time, I was at the multi storey car park in Prangin Mall! I forgot how I wake her up. Muahaha...

I went to Prangin at 10.30am, I don't know what the heck we were doing there and we were watching those shops opens one by one. have a look with some of the shop and didn't bought anything. We thought the Big+Tall can help Soon Chiang to buy some shirt cause he is so tall. But the result is worse. He just look smaller with those shirt. Muahaha... Went to gurney at 12.45pm and bought Karen's first album at Tower Record. I don't know why I buy that cd lar, but never mind, we should support new artist from Malaysia. By the way, she sound great. Later went to Megamall Pinang. Whoah... 3 malls in a day. While in Megamall, we meet some people that we want to meet and also meet some people that we don't want to meet. Met ah Pow in front of Popular book store and she didn't change much after a year in Japan except able to speak in Japanese language.

Argh... Tired now.. Will blog again sometimes..
Chee Hsien

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