Monday, February 12, 2007

Tomorrow, Like I Always Did.

Last week, I said I will wash my car and clean the house on Monday, that's today. Okey, Like my attitude always does, I'll postpone it. Muahaha... Kinda lazy today but I'm not lazy to write my blog. I suppose to shopping at Prangin Mall now but I postpone it to tomorrow. See, I delay everything I've planned. 6 days to CNY and I haven't start anything else. I don't know what the hell I'm trying to do now. I'm just staring at my laptop and just listen to song. Not much friend online now although I have 160+ contact in my MSN list.

I've been editing song. Cut out the chorus part to set it as my ringtones. I checked and I have edit tons of songs. People out there like to edit their photo, while I like to edit those song. Talking about editing photo, I guess most of you guys edit your own portrait. What so fun about talking your own portrait? Smiling alone, facing the camera of your phone. Oh god, what kind of world is this? Anyway, I did take my own portrait sometime. I more likely to snap a photo of other things else. I like the camera that my father brought few years ago I guess. That camera suitable for those professional out there but I still able to handle it. I didn't mean that I'm pro. Anyone want me to edit some song for you?

If you read my blog from the verrrrrry beginning, you'll realize that I always wish peoples happy birthday. Today is also not excepted. Happy Birthday to Cherrie Tan Xiang Wen.

Chee Hsien

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