Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Woooohhoooo.... Finally I finish my 2nd semester's exam. I'm sure I have a lot to blog tonight. Sorry that I did dump my blog aside. Well, I clean it up today and make over my blog with new skin and the HTML is making me headache. I can handle the old version but not the new version of blogger. After making some failure, then I get it.

During the period of exam, I thought I was fucked up, but that ain't true. The night before exam, well I mean every subject, I went to Mcdonald to study from around 12am until 4am. Alfred did help me a lot with my exam and I wanna thank him so much ! Sunrise Mcdonald really need to make more place for the customer. The supervisor have to halau some student that were studying for other customer. Muahahaha.... I went all the way to Greenlane Mcdonald. And, for the last subject, Organisation & Administration, I finish it within 30 minute. I think most of the CBA student finish it within one hour because I leave the exam hall after I slept for about 40 minute and I saw 70% CBA student already leave. Cool !

How long does a friendship last? Does it last forever? Well it depend on how you handle it. Theres some problem with the friend around me and I don't know what to do.

Lastly, it's HOLIDAY !!! Planning to go shopping for Chinese New Year. Gonna get some new cloth. Anyone wanna join me? I'll go around Penang to buy no matter it is mainland or island. I bet this CNY will be very different compare with last year. I BET it is ! Much more thing I still need to complete... And my blog will keep on upgrading.. Hehehe... Anyone do invite me if have any activities because I'm damn free during the holidays.

Will blog at Warren's web sometimes in the future. :Þ

Oooppss.. Almost forgot ! Happy Birthday to Soon Chiang and Wai Pan !

Buh Bye !
Chee Hsien

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