Saturday, February 17, 2007

Perfect Night

Last night was fun. Almost all of S.O.S. member came to watch Ghost Rider at Megamall. 16 + 2 outsider = 19 of us went to watch that movie. The show was great! Nice! But I don't think the picture was good enough. Well, I'm not here to comment the movie, you have to watch for your own.

After a loooooonnnngg time, we finally can gather and going out to have fun together. Last night was just great and crazy! After we finish the show, we went to Mcdonald to have our supper. For the first time I went to Mcdonald without spending a cent. My friend gave me his burger, share the coke with me, and of course share the fried with me and also for the first time I can't finish the fried. I going to vomit if I continue. As the noisiest customer like always, whole Mcdonald was only our voice. Have so much fun there. We only decided to leave at 4am cause Mei Ling need to go back. Actually we didn't went home after all, we just fetch Mei Ling go home. After that we went to Salam mamak stall. Muahahaha.... By the time I reach home was 5.30am. I slept at 6am and I already heard some voice and I think my dad already wake up and ready to clean the house but I just on my way to meet "Mr. Chow".

By the time I wake up, my cousin already bring some food to my house and start to prepare for tonight reunion dinner. My relative from KL reach here at about 2pm I guess.

I don't think I'll update my blog for the next few days, so enjoy your Happy Chinese New Year and a Happy Holiday !

Going to help my family to prepare. Buh Bye !

Chee Hsien

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