Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Luck

Ormeau, Brisbane, Queens Land is the way she heading. Once she go, she WAS a Malaysian.
I cant make it to the air-port to send her. Well, wishing her to have a brand new life over there.

When was the last time i saw you? and i cant see you for the last time. Hehe..
Nevermind, nowadays the technologies is so up to date, we and see each other by using webcam thru MSN or Skype. Is FOC. xD

I wish i can fly to oversea to study too. Just like having a trip. Feel great.

Phewwww... thats a short blog tonight.

Chee Hsien.

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Anonymous said...

hey,thanks...i didnt expect u to write about me... thank u very much!! lots of gd luck to u too!!