Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chee Hsien Genius Record !

Whats the record?
Travel 30KM using 4 hours and 30 minute !

i think more that that la.. just agak-agak only. xD

Wat a bad day la !

Dont believe me???
Read this = Traffic jam in whole penang

All because of two trailers or watever la.. makes whole penang standstill jam.
Walk also faster la...

i already cheated alot because i use many shortcut !! LOL...
but when i want turn in to the jetty, the FUCKING police dont let me in !!! aiya !!!
I have to make another one big round and queue again...

and finally reach home at 9.30pm la...
i started my journey around 4.30pm like that la.. not so sure.. forgot d..

i suppose started my journey at 3pm but my friend caught in accident so i turn back.......

Meanwhile there is something to be happy.
Which is my time table changed a little bit. Tuesday no more 4-6pm class, changed to friday 9-11am. haha ! now balance a bit d.. lol..

World genius record. haha
Chee Hsien

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