Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Expect More

Listen to Morning Crew every morning.
The most funny program i heard is Gotcha.
The show really light up my life every morning.

Putting a prank on people, making jokes on-air, JJ & Rudy is da man.
There is so much fun. I wish I can put a prank on my friend. xD
I will laugh when i listen to Morning Crew although I'm sad by that time.

I wish my life is like DJ-ing in Hitz.FM like JJ & Rudy. Then I will be more happy in my life.

Sometime i feel lonely too, whenever i want to talk to a friend, i can hardly find it. I dunno who should i call or chat. I know i have a bunch of CRAZY GANG beside me, but i cant find the reason why i cant talk to them the NIDDLE in my heart !~~~~~
Maybe few girl that i can talk to, but i cant offen talk to them, just in case of creating some MISUNDERSTANDING. I hope i can talk to them everyday, but that will not happen.

haiz... not having mood to blog already, beside my roommate is sleeping while i'm still on the light, have to off the light and sleep now.


Chee Hsien.

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hA'o Ha'O said...

hey hey...ur roommate still can sleep even the light still swicth on..and even u still listen to music or play o2jam...
he is no problem at all..coz he already used to it..
besides tat , there are a few ppl tat can listen to ur NIDDLE..all are depend on u...
for the misunderstanding , i dun think so..coz some of them just take it as a joke...

' ' 'Hsien' ' ' said...

i didnt said HE cannot sleep, i just mean i should not disturb anymore ma..

hA'o Ha'O said...

oo , like tat ar ?
ok !

hA'o Ha'O said...

wat ever u like lo...
akakakaa !!