Thursday, November 23, 2006


Mat rempit !!
Memang celaka punya !!
Tak tau naik motor pergi IDI belajar lagi la !!
Mana u dapat lesen ni??
Apasai u mari susah saya?? I tak kenal u, u tak kenal i lo !!

There 1st time i saw people riding motor on the road then he fall down himself...
Is ok he fall down but why his motor fall beside of my car???

Luckily my car not hurt.... phewwww......
i dunno how his motor damage or not, he too, didnt care about me, then he go to the roadside with other people... and... i drive off... xD

Celaka mia !! sendiri susah cukup la !! apasai mau susah orang lain???

dunno how to say with those mat rempit la....

hope they die faster la !!!

make me scared until i cant eat....

Chee Hsien

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