Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Say It and Do It !!!

dude !!
exam is tomorrow !!!

u dun wan to repeat for another year rite?? if thats true, and y dun u just go and study???

u keep on thinking that u dun wan to fail ur exam and dun wan to repeat the whole year. Thats no use !! u must take action on it !! it will pass or get an As if only u work for it !! if u work for it very well, u deserve it !! The As wont come to u if u just sit around, online, play games and etc. Come on !! is already Wednesday !!! u need to study this afternoon !!! 100% need !!! if not, u gonna die !!

i'm talking about me, i'm using YOU because i'm scolding myself.. hehe !! stupid me !!

chee hsien.

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