Friday, September 22, 2006

Day by Day

my TARC forum has been like a dead human pass few week.
today i seen some improvement.
thx a lot to Kevin for making some funny stuff inside and starting many topic to discuss.
the forum is alive again.. i see the member starting to post and now hav 35 registered members, but only few were active.

Maybe is exam period, so a little bit quite. I'll see after the exam. and guess wat? exam period ends this saturday which is tomorrow !! yeah !! but i already holiday for one and a half week d. xD

congrats and now waiting for the pass/fail list.

next semester starts 16 October 2006.

so fast over d.. hehe.. just a blink of my eyes is ended 1st sem. i still thinking that our orientation wee was yesterday. haiz...

guess this holiday also wont last long.. haha...

signing off..

Chee Hsien

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