Monday, September 04, 2006

Back to home !!

Is a wonderful weekend that i can spend my time with my whole big family !!
but everywhere i go, everything i do, i still thinking of my exam la !! haiz !!

okey, as i promise i'll upload some picture i took in KL.

this r some picture i took along the road...

a nice cloud when on the way to KL.

heres another one.

waw.. KLCC....

Waw.. so high ah !!!

a very funny notice that i saw when i having breakfast at a restoran.. haha !!

thats my cousin at UNITEN when his convocation on sunday.

Kajang satay !! very good !!! haha !!

okey, thats all i can show u..
enjoy urself..

haiz, still thinking of my exam... haiz...

chee hsien..

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