Saturday, September 30, 2006

Getting Bored.

I don't know what should i do to make my life more excited ?
Can you give me some idea?

Here some activity I do everyday :
Online (MSN, reply some forum)
Play games (O2Jam)
Eat(Lunch, Dinner, Supper. Never had breakfast)
& Sleep.


I want to go out with friends, but we don't know where should we go.
NetZero is kidda bored for me because i can play dota and o2jam at home too. Why should I spend money at the cyber cafe playing the same games?
Mcdonald(Seberang Jaya), is nice to go there, but everyday go there also Pokai la ! Somemore my wallet is on diet now.
We manage to go to a coffee shop yum cha every night.
Will you feel bored? I will felt bored if everyday going to the same place.

Aiya don't know what should I do la !!
Somebody help me please !!

SMS also running out of credit leh....
Everyday on my laptop, listen to the same music......... DEAD !!

Haiz.. nothing to blog now.

Chee Hsien.

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