Thursday, September 28, 2006

i'm one in a milion too. xD

i everyday also cant sleep. dunno why la.. everyday also 4am or 5am sleep. last night worst ! 5.30 !

duhh.. fed up.. i though today can wake up early but failed. i set alarm, set my air-cond auto off. ask friend to sms me when they woke up.but i manage to sleep without air-cond or fan and ignore all the sms and ignore someone's call and sleep until 2.30pm.
more than half day passed.

last night, i should say just now early in the morning, was a terrible night. sms with a few ppl. i was online-ing at around 2am, cai wei sms me. The text was "Wake up go toilet lo......" So lame, but i done that to other person before. haha !!

then i'm about to sleep at 4.15am something. At 4.41am, cammy forwarded a message to me." go to sleep la.." i replied.she later send back that she cannot sleep. then we sms till 5.30am.

Walao.. so many people cant sleep also come find de?? maybe they know i wont sleep so early . haiz.. haha !! funny when think about it..

u want to find me also can la, but not so late la.
my contact : 012-57655**

When u sms with me u deffinetly can sleep. wakakaka !!
but if my hp is out of credit or expired. u unlucky lo.
i also dunno how to help u.

haha.. okla..

Chee Hsien

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