Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Worst Day !!

today would be the worst day in my life !!!
start from the morning, not really morning, midnight la, is so damn hot for the whole night !!! i cant sleep well man !! i only mange to sleep at about 7.00am, so that i sleep until 12.30pm and my class start at 1pm !!! oh shit is the first word i said today !!

Afternoon, my friend accidentally droped my HP on the floor, and i heard the sound ....... dunno how to say... is so HURT !!! my heart broke !!! haiz !!!

somemore at night, my original CD "boyzone-by request" the cover cracked.. and is made by my friend !! huiyoooooo !!!!!wat did i done??? so hurt la !!!!!


by the way, i guess i cant update my blog everyday la, coz kindda bz this few day..

well exam coming soon..... good luck !!

chee hsien

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