Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Valentine Dinner !!

er.. how i wanna start this blog???
Valentine Dinner held yesterday night at TARC canteen !

Magical Love !! the title for this year !!

1st the program STATED 7pm start !! but we waited an hour !! but this is a Malaysian Time !!! got wat i mean?

thats is not a problem !! the main problem is the FOOD !! we suppose to have a black pepper chicken chop !! but all we have is a chicken chop with bread, NO french fried, NO sauce and NO knife!!!! so we have to use fork to eat that CHICKEN CHOP !!!!!!!!!!!!

but the program is quite nice la !! compare to Annual gathering i dunno which wan better la !!

the one that make me feel fun is our Annual Gathering commitee making lot of fun together and again we took damn lot of picture !! lolz !!

and alfred, u owe me a McDonald !! lolz !!

going to class now !!


chee hsien

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ziwen lee said...

haha..buddies forever for annual gathering committeeesss!!!pls la dont compare the programme of annual gathering and valentine dinner k?!!annual gathering is always the best!!!haha
and fast fast give me the photo we take last night!!so desperate to have it...we really have alotzzz of fun last night!!