Monday, August 07, 2006

Let Pray !!!

Early in the morning... took my car key, get on to the car.. started the engine and pauline is beside me. whispered to me say my friend(yiong chia)'s mum passed away !!!

i was like freezed and stopped to think others... just shocked !!!

reached the college, looks like the news spread like superman !!

me and my AG chairman faster set up a EMERGENCY meeting.. we collect money to donate for the"bai jing" (i dunno wat it called in english).

well, this case rewinded my mind into 2 years ago,when my mum passed away.

Yiong Chia : i know how u felt rite now coz i been thru b4. but u still hav we the group of siao kia. u wont feel sad with us.

dun be sad. let her rest in peace better than suffer the sickness..

Let us pray.....

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Anonymous said...

eh,u did not tel us is she chirstian ?? or buddist?? how do we knw which god to pray to?? Anyway,i felt sorry for her,althou i donno who she is...

' ' 'Hsien' ' ' said...

She is buddhist..

by the way.. who r u? hehe..