Sunday, August 13, 2006

Everyone is different

Like i said, everyone had different taste, interest, feeling and etc.

i just dun understand y some people like to force ppl to do something that we dun like to do ?

just like some parents, we dun like to study, it doesnt mean that we r useless !! there is something we know better than you(parents).
let say me, i dun like to study, i like to play computer games. why my dad always like to say, "Hsien, go and study, dun watch movie d" or "if u dun study hard u will hav bad future" or... whatever... i dun care.. come on, is 21st century d.

nowadays good result of academic doesnt mean u will have a VERY good future in life !! Good social skill is the key to success dude!! if i like play computer games, maybe in the future i can learn how to create games. this career also can earn lot of money wat !! y must we study??

me, like to do thing with both hand not with the pen !! y i choose to study accounting?? i should choose to study something like IT or QS, etc. but anyway i still like account. hope i choose the rite course...

thats all for today.

Chee Hsien.

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