Saturday, August 26, 2006

1st gathering for Y1M27

thursday nite(24/8/06) was my class's 1st gathering haha...

is that counted for gathering?
but not all of us went to redbox for karaoke..
is fun hanging out with classmate.

we booked from 5pm-8pm. At 7pm, five people gone back d, so left
7 people with one car !!??!! but we sang till 9pm !! hahahahah !! one hour over !

then we wanna go for dinner, 1st we r going for McD eh, but my friend said want go Pizza Hut and she treat us.

me and Alfred shocked because a girl treat we(boy) eat pizza. we very pai seh la !! haha !!
it cost rm100 for the pizza man.... and 7 people sat in one car ( my small car " SAVVY " ) haha !!

well, is a great night. But then, i "lau sai" in the next morning !!! till now still !!! haiyo..
i wonder they also "lau sai" like me or not?

wait ... bye...
going to toilet now !!!

chee hsien.

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