Monday, January 08, 2007

What goes around comes around.

I have a bad news and a good news. Which you one me to tell you 1st? I think I'll write the bad news 1st.

The bad news is, I blow off my record again ! Send 1500+ SMS in one month. I know somebody's record out there is much higher than me but I never thought I can send so many SMS in one month. The cost of making call was just RM6.00+, but it cost RM100+ for the SMS. Luckily, my dad didn't scold me for that, I was shock when I saw it for the first sight.

Is a total of 1,823 SMS.

Then the good news. I got a "B" for my Kenegaaraan Malaysia subject. Unbelievable! Ms. Chew said I have a very good result on my test 3 and it is the highest in Y1M27. Woohoo! But I have to admit it, I didn't study at all. All I did was copying my friend answer. I'm sorry, I didn't meant to get the highest mark. So, now I pass the coursework, and also for Reading and Writing II. What I hope now is that I won't fail the Understanding Financial Information. Pheww.. Is been a hard week for me. Thanks guys. Especially to Chia Pin and San Nee because I copy their answer. Hope my lecturer won't read my blog. xD

Gotta go for a bath now.
Chee Hsien

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