Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Its All About Love

To X:

Among us, you were the lucky ones. Since you don't know that, now I'm telling you. Why can't you behave yourself? You already know she is very sensitive for the first time, but how could you do it again the second time and also the third time? You thought it is just a small matter, because you're selfish! You thought you own the world, you thought you had gave the best and you also thought you are the best for her, but none of the above was true! Everything you do is ruling peoples life! You never mind about what's people thinking, that's why you thought you were the best. Would ever think that what you had done, is it good for everyone? Two words to describe you, thats is "Flower Prince". You didn't appreciate the Love you received and now you regret because it is over. You're done! You going on your own life and so is she. Whoever she SMS with is none of your business anymore! Now you know its hurt, do you ever think that you also did that before? Now you know how was her feeling and you experience it NOW. "Jealous" is what left in your heart! Why you angry the person she SMS with? Is her choice to SMS with anyone she want because is her life and you're ain't a part of her life anymore! Still I have to say is, "You can't erase what you had done". So get fuck off and start your new life being single.

To Y:
I don't know what to say to you. I don't know what happen with both of you within the one month. As I know, both of you were happy and never argue for the whole month. The reason you gave her break-up is a shame. Remember, you're guy and she's a girl. Girl will always be a girl and boy will always be a boy. Refer to the reason, why you wanna start this relationship with her since you already know that you're not suitable for the couple life. What she done, after the break-up, is just to be beside you, want to see you and to be with you. Shame on you cause you're telling lies to her. There nothing you need to scare of her. All she want is back into your heart. What are you thinking? You're not gentlemen at all! You keep running away from her, which I don't know why.

To Z:
I very pity you because you didn't do anything wrong. I know, your attitude is "gatal". The way u talk to any girl is like that. Don't care about the person. He's just jealous about you. But would you mind to control yourself a bit? Hehehe.. ;)

To K:
I know you fed up with him, so am I. This is the third time and I know you can't forgive him. After the break-up, still friend rights? Why you don't wanna meet him? Scare? If like that, tell him directly that you can't make it anymore. According to the current situation, is getting worst from bad, day by day. I don't have the qualification to say you. I know.

To L:
You shouldn't told lies, thats made him more hate you. If you wanna see him, just tell him and maybe he'll give u a chance.

To a guy named Chee Hsien:
You are standing in the middle of the War! Good Luck to you! xD

Well, thats Love. There's always ups and downs in Love. Would you guys be more open minded? Come on, we're 18 and 19 already. Giving a simple one more chance make the world peace and also say a "sorry" make the whole story different.

Anyway, is your life and I can't control about it. You make the move and the person that regret is you. Not me! Study is what I have to do now. After making lots of money, which girl don't want me? Hahaha...

Its About Love
Chee Hsien

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Anonymous said...

y u say me like that ...i knw i m wrong ...no need say me fuck......sorry ..i don want disturd u anymore ......

Chee Hsien said...

u see !
u're selfish...
u won't admit that u are that kind person.
U thought u are the best, but u weren't!
Try to read again!
i guess u just dun understand what i wrote!
u really idiot!
review what u have done!
think from the start till the end!

I'm sorry if i hurt anyone!

Anonymous said...

Love is Suck for me! See! Many cases in btw.. And when it is over ! Pls continue ur life journey! Don't be pretender! Be yourself!ok?Get over it and appreciate everything now u have, your family! Don't cause of love u make yourself so pathetic.Be yourself! You are stil young ! There Are alot alot to go!Its new year, new life.. YOu are adult