Sunday, January 07, 2007


I guess everyone in this world also will feeling depressed rights? Who won't be sad? Is just different matters of different people sad. When you're feeling sad, how did you handle it? Everyone was like : Uh! How can this happen to me? ; God please help me ! ; I don't wanna live in this world anymore ! ; I can't take it anymore ! and so on... Would you guys out there ask when you gonna die? I have an answer for you, the more you asked from god, the longer you live ! Thats mean don't ask too much, god give you what god think is enough for you. You asked but god wont give you, and you will suffer cause god won't let you die and let you live till 100 years old with a 80 years old thing that god provided. You suffer for 20 years.

Okey, cut the crap ! Start my blog !

Actually, I don't need to blog today, My final exam is on the next 2 week so I decided to write a simple blog cause I might be studying for the next few week. Hehe.. unbelievable huh? I'm so fuck up! I haven't start my revision. The 2nd semester in college passed just a blink of my eyes. Can't believe it, I learn nothing but fooling. I'm really fuck up! Anyway, still got 2 weeks. My friend from Japan leave me a message and says, "Still not in the 'fucked up' stage yet.... mybe in the 'I'm gonna be so fucked up' stage nia~ hehe!Anyway, Good luck & study hard ya!" Well, guess what? I'm very agree with her and she is coming back on the 4th next month. I'm just on the "gonna be so fucked up". Still have time... Study, study and study... What a life? Can't it be more interesting? Chinese always says "ć…ˆè‹ŠćŽç”œ". Yeah, thats right ! Hard time for the 1st 30 years of my life, then easy time for the 2nd 30 years of my life. My 3rd 30 years of my life will depends on my children. Hahaha... I think too much !

Can't wait to shopping for Chinese New Year !
Chee Hsien

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