Monday, July 17, 2006

Wat a day i passed and i'm so dead !!

as i said yesterday !!
i'll slept until 12pm.. and thats wat i had done today !!
is still ok if i slept till 12pm, but at lease after woke up do SOMETHING !!
i dont !! haiz.. !!

ok.. i sick today !! when i step down my bed, my nose so damn itchy.. later i realize i got flu !!
i'm so tired whole day i dunno y !!
then i came online..and i told my friend,mei ling that i'm sick !! she is so nice, she advice me to SLEEP so that i can recover and take medicine ! i dunno y i would listen to her advice ?? i just follow wat she said and went to lie on my bed and i SLEEP again!!
Around 5pm mei ling called me. she said "hey wake up liao !!". "erm ok !!" i replied, then i continue my dream. 5 minute later she sms me. she sing a song thru sms to me, singing Wake Up by Hillary Duff but she changed the word saturday night to sunday noon !! lolz !! if she didnt sms me that time i definely sleep till 6/7pm..haha.. this is for u Mei Ling : u r the 1st person that can wake me up, nobody ever done that before !! i'm so lucky to hav a friend like u !!

ok then i didnt read thru my presentation paper !! so dead for later's presentation !! looks like i hav to seeing paper while present !! haiz...

okok.. i'll write again tonight !!

nite nite !

chee hsien

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