Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Annual Gathering !!

Hard Rock Crazy Night !!!!
1st funtion in TARC(Pg Branch), well done to all the commitee including me.. hehe..

well... 1st of all, the program arranged not very good, and some program have to cancel due to some problem. but from what i see, all the commitee enjoy it very much, me too !!

something i cant believe is that our mc, Jimmy and Zi Wen dance !! they dance the song "Tuo Tiao" means take off ur cloth in english. they wear school uniform and then just take off !! of course they wear cloth inside la.. Zi Wen is a girl how can she....... lolz....

for those who didnt attend our annual gathering, u miss alot of fun then..

now our gathering is over and now i hope our cls valentine dinner, Magical Love will success !!

haiz lazy to write many d la.. so tired after whole night of annual gathering.

at last Annual Gathering finally success !! i'm looking forward to our farewell party !! and got exam at 2pm !! damn !! so tired dunno tomorrow can wake up or not??

wish me luck for tomorrow exam !!


chee hsien..

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ziwen lee!!!! said...

what la..ceh..see la..because of annual gathering i犧牲色相!!how good am i?aiyoh..