Thursday, July 27, 2006

Annual Gathering Celebration Party !!

yesterday night really is a crazy night !!!

i started my journey at 6.45 pm. coz i dunno where is thath place so i met my senior at TARC then i follow the 'ass' of their car !! Kah Wei ah, i know u drive very fast la. but ur car is not faster than mine la !! if i really want to speed u sure cant catch me eh !! haha !! u beat the traffic light but at last also need to stop aside and wait for me wat !! hahaha !!

finally reached there(behind swatow lane's steamboat), 1st thing i thought is 'oh, here hor? i came here b4 d la !!'

soon we started our dinner !! we eat ike monster took so many thing !! waw.. !! like one month didnt ate anything suddenly come out eat.. haha !!

then we started to take photo !! waw.. all damn likes to take photo ah !! 20+ ppl 'squezz' into one photo !! thats nevermind, the most pai seh wan is all shout like 'siao kia', like 'monkey' from the jungle behind out college !!

u can have a look of the photo in my friendster's profile.

well, all the commitee FRIENDS FOREVER !!!!!!!

when can we go out like yesterday night again??

chee hsien

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