Monday, July 17, 2006

Incredible day !!

my 1st presentation over d !! i'm not nervouse when i step out in front of my class and start my word.. but i make it so siasui !! i suppose to say 'selamat tengah hari, but i said selamat pagi !' haiz...
while i'm presenting, my classmate look and laugh at me.. i dunno wat happen.. they said i'm cute.. lolz... as a matter of fact, i'm cute !! lolz.. !!!!

after the presentation class, i walk around the school and many ppl looked at me and smile. Y?? because i'm wearing formal wear??wat so big deal? everyone that present also wear formal wat !

then cames to CLS annual gathering meeting, i'm in charge in P.A. System. i said that i had found many song to play on that day, and i need their comment about the song. i ask them to stay and help me.. but nobody help me.. all runs away !! if my song is not ur taste dont blame me !!!!!!! coz i had ask for ur comment !!! but u all didnt care at all !!!

back to home !! i come back and bath then went for dinner.. after dinner.. i came back... and i climb 12 floor of stair case !!!! un believable rite?? u gotta believe it !!!

k then..

sign off d...

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