Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Hopes...

After a five weeks of holiday, finally started my 2nd semester last week.

First of all, i thought it will be very boring to study once again, but then on the 1st day of college re-open, i felt very happy cause can chit chat with my friend again since the holiday started !

The very first thing i very disappointed was the time table. It so rush for tuesday. I have to study from 9am - 6pm !!!!! Monday is from 9am - 4.30pm. Wednesday only 9-10.30 am while the language lab is 3-4.30pm. That language lab only available for week 5, 7 and 9, so most of the wednesday i only got one class. While on thursday, is a holiday for me and friday 11am - 3pm.
Most of the classes 'push' to monday and tuesday, then the rest will be a bit free. But some other class people, they prefer my time table. haha....

Is still ok with the time table now, but i have 2 tutorial class on the same day with the same subject ! With the boring subject = Kenegaraan Malaysia !

I guess i've been FORCED to be statisfied with the time table they provided !

Comes to the result.. I passed all ! Happy ! But many friend failed... haiz... feel sad for them.. There is a girl that feel very sad, cause she maybe cant get the PTPTN loan because she failed many subject. That make her maybe to stop schooling cause her father cant affort her to study in college. Well, just wanna tell her, we will right beside you to help you if you want it to !

Well, for the readers of my blog, i dont have mood to write blog. Sometimes i feel boring because i thought nobody is reading my blog, so what for i want to write? Write for ghost to read?
Well, at lease u guys leave a comment or whatever.

There was so many thing happened since my 2nd semester started, but now i lazy to blog. xD
So i have to leave it like that.

Take Care boys & girls !

Chee Hsien..

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