Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blackout !

Thats a little blackout at my house yesterday morning. Yes. Just my house.

My grandma called me as i was outside near Megamall there.
I put on speed to reach my house to see what had happened.

Argh !! My living room's fan 'spoiled'.
Thats the reason !

I on the main suis but we have to stop using the living room fan. How can i watch movie without a fan there?
Is so DAMN hot !!

At night, i went to R.U to yum cha with friend and that restaurant went blackout just few minute after we order foods.

The boss lights some candle in every table and it felt so much romantic if i with a gf...
haha !!

Yesterday might be my blackout day !
haha !!

Chee Hsien

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