Sunday, October 15, 2006

Don't give up easily

Hey, i'm writing this blog to a girl that feel very lonely somewhere. i guess i dun hav to write your name here to protect your identity.

i would like to tell you, dun feel sad or suffer at there. i know u dun like there, but i just dunno one thing, why is it so scary? is there anything happen? if is true, tell me, i can help you, not only me. u have so much friend. We are here to help you. Thats what friend for.

U feel lonely there, maybe ur house are far from ur school, so u cant have much friend there.
Look upon the sky, u might see something that atrached u. The bird, the sky, the wind and maybe the sun too. I guess u wanted to be like a bird that can fly freedom in the sky. But being the bird might get kill anytime. U dunno it. We wont know the future. God decided ! and somehow we get our chance to change it, but the percentage would be very less.

Maybe u r still new there, u might get to know that place soon. We should appreciate what we have now. U have friend ! If you give up, that mean u let ur friend down !

You have to be strong ! We dont like to see u so sad.

You are a nice girl that easily to talk to. We are here to support you. Be strong ! Dont give up ! and please... dont cry too much. be happy la... think me cute cute face than can happy liao or my stupid face also can. haha !! just promise me u smile !


and one more thing... i heard something and i would like to tell you, dun be the washing machine, repair the washing machine and use the washing machine. haha !!

i bring u go to take ice cream again. okey?

sms me or call me... i'm here anytime.

take care
chee hsien

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