Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Un-sent-able Letter..

I no longer have the feeling of happiness toward the people around here. They never know how hard is it for me. They never know how much I sacrificed for them.

Do they look like they even care about me? I'm a guy that look high in friendships. A little single twist in it, I will be very very sad. I want to see we hanging out together.

They gave me the feeling that they don't wanna hang out with me anymore. They don't even ask me for lunch, never ask me for dinner, never... never... and I don't think they will anymore.

Sometimes ago, they gave me the feeling that they respect me, that's why I respect them in return.

I used to feel happy with them. The more I hang out with them, the happier I am. Now? The more I look at them, the sadder I become.

They don't need me anymore. Guess life is like this. Once you've been fully utilized, you will be ditched.

I've decided to leave them. I'm better off my own. But how can I do that? I still have to face them everyday. I've tried not to go out lunch with them since that they don't want me to go. What's the point I step my leg in it when the others try to pull away mine?

I stand at my car there to wait them to ask me go lunch together, but what I get in return? They walk pass me and sit into the cars and poof they go for lunch.

Did I did something wrong to you all? Why do I have to deserve all this? All I want is just friends that cares.

The moment I start this post, I'm prepared for what is about to come. I want them to see this, I don't mind they angry me or what. I just wanna let them know how I feel about them. I love them and I used to put them in first place.

Good things have to come to an end. I'm sorry.

We'll meet again.
Chee Hsien

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